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"That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works." (Psalm 26 verse 7)

 I'm a nice Midwestern girl who wouldn't dream of stepping on people's toes, then I moved to France, where white lies are unheard of and bluntness is a virtue. I love sci-fi, fantasy, dystopias, even it's dumb or poorly done and especially if it's in space - the Doctor is going to pick me for his next companion. Go ahead, say Doctor Who? If I say something like that that you don't get, it's probably TV or movie quotes.  I am an un-vaccinated, recycling, home-birther, who is surprisingly normal.
And I write. I've published magazine stories, articles, games and a bunch of (boring) website articles.  My work in progress in a many times rewritten transitional novel for ages 10-14, called The Magicless. It's a dystopian fantasy set in modern France. I'm working with critique partners to get it all polished up and dreaming of query letters and agents and book tours and...blogging instead of fulfillng my weekly word count quota. This blog, Meandering through a Field of Words, is about life being an inspiration for writing, with lots of examples from books, movies, people and real life stories!

Not everything is online, but here's the rundown...
I've done several articles, games and a story for Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine in Nov. 2011, Oct. 2010,  Dec. 2008, July, 2008.

Focus on the Family's teen girl magazine, Brio, (which is sadly not longer in print) published a story about a teen girl dealing with her grandpa being in hospice care...in her bedroom.

Randall House's Direction and Horizon magazines published an teen article on how to help a grieving friend.
Links to online articles:
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Also, as a last thing that I debated putting first, I sometimes talk about being a Christian on this blog. I try to do it in a non-offensive way - feel free to email me if you are bothered by something I say. I will say that I love Jesus, the Bible and my church...