Sunday, February 15, 2015

Inspiration from a Runaway Boy

Roland was a troubled child.

Dorothy and Manuel knew this when they welcomed him into their home. After all, he had come to them after the funeral of his mother, murdered by his father.

This is just one of the stories in the book I wrote with Dorothy, "What I'm Going to Be When They Grow Up." Here's an excerpt:

"Roland was an angry boy. He would get mad and run off. We could understand that he needed some time, but foster children "belong" to the state. If he was gone for over two hours, we would have to report it. We searched for him desperately to avoid this."

Manuel told Roland not to runaway anymore, but the boy disappeared once again. Worried she'd have to call the authorities, Dorothy distracted herself with mowing the yard.

Roland jumped down out of tree, reassuring her he hadn't actually left and offering to mow the yard. He lived with them until married in his late teens.

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