Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Inspiration from a New Fostercare Memoir

Since I obviously wasn't spending writing time on blogging, here is what I was writing--a memoir of a foster family who parented over 90 children during 45 years.

The foster mom, Dorothy, shared her stories and what she had already written for her senior center Memory Makers group. For the last year, I worked on sewing all the pieces together from interviews with Dorothy, notes by her husband, articles, letters and old photographs.

I worked with a local artist, Adrian Buentello, to remaster an old drawing by a friend of Dorothy's to create this beautiful artwork.

Now the book is almost ready to be released through CreateSpace as a self-published work. I'm excited and nervous. As with most projects, I'd like more time to be sure and really brush up each sentence. As Dorothy is not as young as she used to be, we wanted to not delay the process too long, however.

I do dream of taking the time to interview as many of her now-adult foster children as I can find. I'd love to write this expanded version, find an agent and market this wonderful story.

So enjoy the cover art and I'll be posting updates!


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