Friday, September 26, 2014

Inspiration for Getting Out of a Rut

Stuck in a rut.

It's such a descriptive phrase, if you think about it. It even sounds heavy and sticky, like a wagon wheel in virtual mud on my Oregon Trail computer game (I know you played it too). Get your wagon stuck and you'll need to choose how to get it out. You might have to pay, you might double-yoke your oxen and pull. You might run out of money, it might not work, you might wear out your animals, or someone could get hurt.

What do you do when you are stuck in a rut ? Perhaps something tragic has you unable to move forward, to get over it. Perhaps it just feels like it has been years since anything happened to you, and you are just stuck in the comfortable familiarity...yet you dream of reach the glorious end of this dagdurn trail with a few adventure under your belt.

Baseball players call it a slump, writers call it writer's block. I dunno what psychologists call it.

There's lots of advice out there. For myself, I keep coming back to the theme from “Meet the Robinsons.” Keep moving forward.

Yes, I take life advice from kids' movies. Something stated simply and succinctly seems to sink into my subconscious.

Baby steps, says the therapist to severely phobic Bill Murray in “What About Bob?”

Just do the next thing, said inspirational speaker Elisabeth Elliot.

Keep moving forward with baby steps, Jenna, just doing the next thing, without worrying about what will happen five steps down the road. Set your longterm goals and then take baby steps down the road to achieve that.

Thanks for the free therapy, Hollywood.

Do you have any favorite movie advice? Are you stuck in a rut? What are you doing to move passed it?

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  1. The writing is for sure in a slump..and it's getting even more so. Usually, the just writing anything works for me. I open a journey and write random and doodle, scribble, scribble, doodle. I think what might be tying me up is trying to figure out what to write. Great advice...just move forward, one word at a time. Thanks!