Saturday, April 19, 2014

Inspiration from Rudy and Peter

Someone I hold dear recently said to me how disappointed he was to realize "I'm the kind of person who isn't good at anything."

Of course, I went into inspiration hyperdrive. There are no such people. Everyone has some gift - whether it is realized or not.

To prove my point we watched the classic movie "Rudy," about a boy who doesn't have athletic ability, yet follows his dream of playing football for Notre Dame University. "If you had half Rudy's heart, you could have made All-American..."

It's true that hard work without talent is not painless. I myself have no natural musical ability, and managed (with a good teacher) to play violin in a Youth Symphony my senior year....barely.

I love sci-fi, so to answer the no-talent-for-anything arguement, I thought superpowers. And the "Heroes" TV series. *spoiler* Peter doesn't seem to have a superpower. He doesn't fly, or talk to computers or control time and space. But he has, what I think, is the ultimate power of absorbing, copying, a power.

I think we all have this superpower of learning. Put your whole, un-talented heart into something, find a good teacher or can learn anything. Maybe you won't go to the Olympics, win a Nobel Peace prize or be able to translate for the U.N. But you can achieve great things.

That is your superpower. (Or at least one of them. You're so amazing you've probably got several ;)


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