Saturday, March 15, 2014

Inspiration from Young French Love IV

Here's the continuing story of how I ended up madly in love with FrenchGuy and moved to France. See the first three parts here, here and here.

Our love was mutually declared, with the family stamp of approval. The day before his departure, FrenchGuy asked Dad if they could take the shotguns out to play. He really needed the distraction of blowing things up - he didn't want to remember that tomorrow he had to leave...

That evening, Dad and Mom took us out to "my" restaurant, YiaYia's. Enjoying the pleasant evening breeze on the patio with our gourmet dinner, we talked about the future. Then we walked down to the fountain.

I love ballroom dance and had mentioned on previous occasions that I wished there was somewhere we could dance. FrenchGuy delighted me by taking my hand and sweeping me into a waltz. Il est manifique!!!
Tuesday morning, we were at the airport, knots in our stomachs, eyes puffy. We said goodbye for an undetermined amount of time, the taste of our first kiss still lingering on our lips.

It had been quite a whirlwind in six days to go from unrequited love to a boyfriend...who was then leaving. But I was so grateful to God that I wasn't saying goodbye repressed, lonely, and without hope.

Over the next few weeks, we planned for me to visit France in November (we said goodbye the end of July). We bought international phone cards, figured out this new tech thing "skype," juggled the time change and fell more in love each day.

It was only a matter of time...long, lonely time. But already my life was changed in ways I couldn't yet comprehend.

to be continued next Saturday...


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