Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Inspiration from Hope's Boy

When I am old, I hope I'll be able to look at many completed chapters of my life and begin to understand the foreshadowing that was taking place as the Author painstakingly wrote each page.

That's a marvelous, horrible thing about reading; we more or less quickly get to the end where the auhtor makes sense of things. I love and hate that. Because sometimes we know the end. Romeo and Juliette both die.  Anne Frank doesn't survive either. Sorry - should I have put a spoiler alert?

In reading memoirs about fostercare in preparation for working on a memoir project, I am learning about foreshadowing. In Hope's Boy by Andrew Bridges, we know that he survives his childhood and became a lawyer.

That foreshadowing helped me keep reading, gave me hope. But Andrew didn't know how his  story would work out with his beloved mother and her mental illness issues. What kept him going? What made him strive? What kept his love for his mother intact through seeing his name written with her blood as she dealt with schizophrenia? How does a child thrive after homelessness, being fed cat food, foster care? I appreciated the reflection he put into these questions as an adult, and for sharing them in a book.

I found it interesting that unlike many foster children who go through multiple foster homes, Andrew had one. Yet he was not adopted by them and it seems hasn't kept contact as an adult.

This is a heartwrenching story. An inspirational one as you read Andrew Bridges' biography.

Have you read a memoir or biography with foreshadowing? Did it help you read it or depress you as you knew what was coming?


  1. I read that fascinating one called Look Me In The Eye by John Elder Robison. Fascinating.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I will have to try that book - thanks.