Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Inspiration from the Circle of Secrets

I go to the library sometimes to type out articles after the county commission meetings. Before rummaging through notes and smashing words together at a furious speed, I decided to see what they had in the middle grade section. There are some authors who I wasn't able to sample from France without paying shipping or getting an e-reader.

Kimberely Griffiths Little is one of those authors. Our library has several of her books, so I snatched up Circle of Secrets. This is a mysterious bayou story, with great characters, some spookiness, interesting twists and surprises. I finished reading it in the dark and was slightly freaked out...which is probably a good thing for this book!

Here's what Kimberely says about her setting. "I was absolutely enchanted when I visited Louisiana for the first time. I wanted to live there, talk to everybody, speak Cajun French, eat the food, and drink the bayou water. I keep going back to visit and now I can’t stop writing about it."

I plan on  reading more of her books, so plan on hearing more about them. In the meantime, check out her blog here.

Have you been to Louisiana? Do you speak Cajun? Do you like getting spooked?


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