Saturday, February 22, 2014

Inspiration from Young French Love

It recently came to my attention that the 100 some blog posts I wrote on Xanga seven years ago were in danger of disappearing. I will intermittently be reposting them here as little looks at my first year in France.

First is this post of how a Kansas girl met a FrenchGuy and lived happily ever after. Or, how I ended up in France...

We met FrenchGuy in April 2005 on a home school field trip to a Fire Station. The University of Bordeaux had sent him for 12 weeks to learn and write a report.

Since Mom was an exchange student herself, she could imagine what it must be like for him, stuck 24/7 with a bunch of firefighters and alarms every night. So, we took him to the Wichita Cowtown Museum and then home. He was with us every possible moment and weekend for the rest of his time. We all loved him so much. I wondered what it would be like to marry someone as wonderful as him, but at the time, it wasn't possible.

FrenchGuy came back to us in late April 2007. Mom and Dad gave me plenty of opportunities to get to know FrenchGuy better - do you know how long you can stretch out grocery shopping? I quickly realized that I cared deeply for him, but tried to ignore it. I told myself that he didn't care for me, and I'd get my heart broken when he left in July.

Mom and FrenchGuy were out on a final mother/son lunch, she told him that I cared (awkward!). FrenchGuy came home and immediately talked to me about it.

"Did you send your mom?"


We all think it's rather funny that FrenchGuy had only a slight clue that I loved him, when everyone else knew all about it  - guess I'm not a very good flirt.

So now he knew how I felt. But where did that leave us? What are the odds of finding one soulmate out of billions? What are the odds that they will realize your soulmatey-ness? What are the odds a FrenchGuy could fall in love with me?

to be continued...


  1. "may the odds be forever in your favor" LOL!!

    1. Yeah! And six years of marriage later, I'd definitely volunteer again.

  2. Loved that story. Good ol' mom. Some guys just need a little jab in the ribs to wake up and smell the coffee. You do realize you are lucky, don't you. A good mate is a treasure.

    1. I'm so blessed - he's a sweet, brutally honest, hard working honey!