Thursday, February 27, 2014

Inspiration from Inmate Recycling

You might be wondering if I meant prison inmates who are recycled, or who are themselves recycling items. Both.

My freelance journalism project from last week was the Leavenworth Electronics Recycling Factory. Here's a link to my Newton Kansan article.

The factory hires 134 inmates from the minimum-security prison camp to dismantle and strip parts from e-waste. This could be cell phones, computers, video game systems, whatever. All that doesn't make good compost. So they sell the usable parts, all the while offering inmates valuable skills. They are better paid than most prison jobs, increasing the amount they can pay for restitution or child support. They also learn to work regular schedules. Inmates recycled into job-holding citizens. Pretty cool.

Here's a Kansas City Star article on the subject as well.


  1. That is pretty fantastic. Very inspiring indeed.

    1. Yeah -I've got another cool trash story coming....about Wal-Mart!