Thursday, December 5, 2013

Inspiration from News

Boy howdy, I don't seem to be blogging much. But rest assured, I am writing. Since last August, I've written about 50 newspaper articles - serious cause for celebration. I'm enjoying learning, meeting people and being involved in my community. I feel like for the first time in 5 years I can actually say I'm a writer.

One of my favorite articles appeared in the Newton Kansan on November 1, titled "Students Crush on Technology, Schools consider health of students, distractions and technology use." I spoke with superintendents and tech facilitators in Newton and Hesston schools on how they were using Ipads, Macbooks and other tech. 

I also looked at the question, "If we are told to limit screen time for kids' health, what do we do when they use it frequently at school?" I found an interesting MayaClinic article and also spoke to a local chiropractor. Here is quote from the article. 

“Proper posture while using digital devices is essential for you and your children's spinal and overall health,” said Wichita chiropractor Ryan Dopps. “The problem we see while using digital devices—cell phones, tablets and even laptops—is what's known as head forward carriage. This is where head is projected forward and effectively doubling the weight of the head.”

It's been great discovering all kinds of subjects that I wouldn't have considered before. Here's a few links to other articles if you're interested... 

In the Harvey County Independent:
Boy Scout Earns All Merit Badges 
 18 year-old Jonathan Ruebke earns 137 merit badges, including 4 special 100 year-anniversary of BSA in 2010. This is a pretty rare achievement!

Copper Thefts
Farmers' irrigation pivots and span wire are frequently targeted for copper thefts, often by those looking to fund their substance abuse. A couple hundred dollars of scrap metal costs farmers, insurance companies and the community thousands of dollars.

In the Newton Kansan:
Work of Art
 Local artist Adrian Buentello shares is life in the deaf community and his cool graffiti style art.

Success Stories
Signe Rogers overcame obstacles to regain health and lose over 100 pounds. Richard Brown ditched the off-and-on workout to focus on strength and endurance for a Spartan race.

Heart to Heart Child Advocacy 
New family advocates Beth Tuszynski and Meagan Waltner share their heart for abused children and how their office functions.

Managing Millennials
A Bethel College professor shares insight on the under-30 generation.


  1. Congratulations on all those newspaper articles. Each one is a treasure trove that you can mine for further fiction stories. Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

  2. Very impressive, and newspaper articles are what paved the way for many a writer in the past. Kudos to you, Jenna! Saw your comment at Roland's place and decided to check out the post about your articles.

  3. Have a terrific holiday season!!

  4. "Meandering in a Field of Words" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many more new visitors in your direction.