Thursday, November 21, 2013

Inspiration from Mirrors

Our mirrors lie. They might as well be the crazy wavy mirrors, because what we see is a distorted image.

Maybe it's not the mirrors fault, but our perception of that reflection. The mirror is like our spouse; we can take what they say to mean whatever we want. If we want to believe we're ugly, bam! the mirror delivers an image we don't like. The mirror isn't any meaner than our loving spouse. We know that, but it doesn't help because the ugliness feels like truth; we are staring right at an impartial piece of glass.

The image might be distorted in a different sense. Maybe it sends us back a picture of an older person, someone who vaguely resembles our parents at a certain age. Maybe it shows a stray grey hair, little saggy baggies...and we think, that can't be me?!

Perhaps there is a way to tilt our mirrors, angle them to show us a different truth than the cold steel bluntness of our physical shortcomings. What if the image blurred to show us how the combined imperfections make a lovely human? What if the reflection showed who we are inside? (thanks, Mulan!)

My Great-Grandmother Eva once said on her birthday that she still felt like she was 17, that she was trapped in this stupid old body, but she had never stopped being that young girl.

A photographer sought to capture this with gorgeous photos of older people combined with reflections of pictures taken in their youth. It's really breathtaking and a challenge to me to see through the glass, and see myself, not my reflection. Tom Hussey's Reflection Photos


  1. Mirrors have always fascinated me. The endless repetition of possibility when you wee a mirror reflected by a camera or another mirror. Seeing our reflection confirms we are here, but it isn't the magic mirror on the wall that we would like it to be.
    BTW - there are fat mirrors, and skinny mirrors. I'm sure they had one of the skinny ones at the gym I used to attend. Great for morale. . .

    1. That's 'see' a mirror, pardon the error. Need more coffee.