Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Inspiration from Everybody's Story

You have an amazing story. I've never heard anything like it. It's inspirational, it's heart-breaking, it's encouraging.

I want you to tell it. Tell it to your grandma and listen to hers. Tell it to your child and make it part of his. Tell it to a stranger and tell them they have theirs.

Don't under estimate yourself, or your story. It is worth sharing. Either because someone else can identify or because it's unique. Everyday mundane life is precious.

We say we are busy, stressed people, that life seems to be passing us by. We work and eat and sleep and study. When someone asks us what we are up to these days, we say "keepin' busy," because nothing seems interesting enough to share.

This new father filmed one second each day of his wife's pregnancy....just insignificant little moments. He told his baby girl a story. See the video here.

Start watching your life in the present. Think about the past and plan for the future. What is your story and how will you change it? What unexpected idea landed in your lap today, something that made you ask "could I really do that? Could that be a twist in my story?"

Here's a challenge: tell me your story in a Twitter-sized comment (or on Twitter ;)

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