Thursday, October 31, 2013

Inspiration for a Grim Day

Clarification: I am not having a bad day. It's kind of cold and rainy though. And I know that somewhere, someone is hurting, frustrated, moody. Sometimes you hear things on the news that just make you sick, make you lose your faith. The local combine accident, a bombing, a shooting, a divorce--it can shake your soul. Every day on this earth can be a grim day.

Or a beautiful day.

I saw this article on World Actuality These 20 photos Are Going to Make You Cry. They are pictures of people who decided that this would not be a grim day, that they would do something about it. Here's their stories captured in a single image.

Is your day grim? Is a family member or coworker having a grim day? Can you make the sun break through and give someone a rainbow?


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