Thursday, September 5, 2013

Inspiration from a Friendly Restaurant

I haven't been short in inspiration lately, but I seem to be short in time. Which translates to "I have busy days and go to bed early 'cause I'm a sleepoholic and only give up my sleep for emergencies and hungry newborns." 

I have exciting writing news as I am freelancing for a couple local newspapers (Hesston Record and Harvey County Independent), covering school board and county commissioners meetings. It's very new for me and I'm figuring out who is who etc. But I'm thrilled for the opportunity.

Today, I just want to share this inspiring video. Tim is a restaurant owner with Downs Syndrome. He serve breakfast, lunch and hugs. What I love is that he believed he could, because his parents did, and raised him to believe it also. I want to be that kind of person and parent, that says "Sure, you can be a firefighter, or an astronaut or a doctor or a restaurant owner, or a musician or maybe a little mix of a lot of things that are great." Mostly, I want to inspire others to just be great, amazing people, whatever they are doing.


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