Saturday, July 27, 2013

Inspiration from The Intouchables

Ok, no more excuses. I will be settling back into the routine of a Saturday post, taking time to read lots of other blogs too. And here we go.

One of my favorite things about speaking French, is watching French films. They are equally great with good subtitles. They know how to do touching comedies, telling a story with heart and led by brilliant characters. So charming.

My most recent discovery is Les Intouchables, top grossing foreign film of 2012 in North America (yes, I'm behind). It's about a wealthy quadriplegic, Phillipe, and his unlikely caretaker, Driss, a guy from the projects of Paris. and play the millionaire and his caretaker respectively. 

On one hand, the "usual" things happen in the story line. They are too different; classical music meets rap, a modern art piece gets called a nosebleed, an German opera is ridiculed with open laughter. They grow to appreciate each other.  On the other hand, the execution of each line is impeccable, with perfect timing. Utterly hilarious.

The heart of the story is how a man didn't want to be only seen for his handicap, nor be continually pitied for it, and how an unlikely person brought life back to him. It's also the story of the young man's life of petty crime and poverty being changed and given a purpose. They are both "untouchable;" one by his physical limitations, the other by his social limitations. It's touching and beautiful.

It's easy to say "Yeah, that only happens in movies," and go on with our live. But. It's based on a true story.  

In his autobiographical book, You Changed My Life, Abdel Sellou tells of his friendship with a disabled aristocrat. I have not yet read it, so I will give you a part-two post about all this fabulous story's real life-iness. 

Have you seen this movie? Do you have a favorite foreign film?



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