Thursday, April 4, 2013

Inspiration from Duplo

This month, I'm participating in the Blogging A to Z April Challenge. My theme is Things That Inspire Me.

So this is list is gonna get pretty random. But they are the things that are currently inspiring me. If my son was a little older, this would probably be under L for Legos. Still, Duplo rocks. He got the zoo for Christmas, has a starter kit of blocks and some miscellaneous garage sale pieces.

Here's the reason why we took the whole stinkin' briefcase full of Duplo on vacation:

1) We can play for hours.
2) The blocks are big enough that baby sister can join in without a choking hazard. 
3) He builds different things with the same stuff - his imagination is endless. Like when he built a really big tree, then made a scaffolding of blocks for the giraffe, so she could still eat the tree.
4) Adults sit down and build different things with the same stuff - our imagination is endless. Like our friend who used all the blocks to make a really really big tree.
5) We learn that some things are made to do and redo (faire et défaire in French). It's ok if lil sister knocks it over, or if Maman cleaned up after you fell asleep. You can redo it.
6) Duplos are pretty colors. Just sayin'. You can do block houses that are colored like layered dip.
7) Because they're kind of a symbol of life. Give a kid good building blocks. Play with him. Help a little here and there. Sit next to him and watch what he does with it.


  1. Back when I was young (a lonnnng time ago) we had Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys. I still loved Legos, though...

    Not sure if Duplos were around back then, but I'm sure I'd have loved them, if they were.

  2. I didn't know what these were, but I know the little boy who I babysit for would love them! Thanks!