Saturday, February 2, 2013

Inspiration from A Trip to Paris

Oh dear. I've been super negligent about blogging.

Today, I'm just gonna do a repost from December 2011. There's a little update to it, though. I did go to Paris in March of 2012 and was able to so a little research and looking around.

Inspiration from Paris

I had hoped to be doing in-person research for my work-in-progress, The Magicless, in the world's "most romantic" and my least favorite city. Instead, I did the research from my computer. Who needs Paris anyway?!

Really, Paris is ok. She just knows how to get under my skin. However, googling images to spark my imagination and refresh my memory was surprisingly refreshing and exhilarating.

I am planning a battle...more specifically, a street fight. A Paris riot. Oh yeah. Here's where it's going to be: the Champ de Mars beside the Eiffel Tower. 

Here are some of the combatants that will be either on the side of black magic or colored magic...gargoyles from Notre Dame, transformer type robots made from benches, railings and cars, Egyptian statues from the Louvre, bronze and marble statues from the Tuilerie gardens.

And here is a video of a clips from Paris riots (removed: caused too much spam! So go to youtube and look up Paris riots) gave me a better feel for the scene. I have an idea of the emotions a young girl could feel, caught up in this. I found myself in a soccer victory party in Bordeaux at 1am (hopefully, my mom didn't read that) and while it definitely wasn't a riot, everyone was well hydrated and excitable.

I am still working on a lot of the details, especially making clear what good magic and bad magic can and can't do, what they have in common and what is different. My husband gave me a Star Wars Jedi lesson about the dark side, the force and all that last night..."These are not the words you're looking for..."
Is there a city that inspires you? Have you seen some pictures that inspired you lately? Have you been in a riot recently? (wanna shares the gory the name of research?!)


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