Monday, February 25, 2013

Inspiration from Sillage

I have wandered into the world of comic books. Not like Marvel's Spiderman. More like French and Belgian bande-dessiné stuff. Lucky Luke, Boule et Bill, Asterix et Obélix, Gaston Lagaffe...

In particular, Sillage, or Wake in the English version. It's a space opera/science-fiction about a convoy of spaceships with representatives of thousands of alien species. As they discover and colonize the universe, they find a feral girl, Nävis. The only human being they've seen, the aliens are shocked to realize Nävis no telepathic abilities...and she is the only being they've met whose mind cannot be read. They educate her and train her to be a special agent for the Sillage government. But really, Navis is on a quest to live up to the high ideals of humanity that she has given herself, as she searches for find more of her kind.

What is attractive to me, is that Nävis is a real girl, with fiery emotions, a code of morality and justice, energetic and courageous, intelligent but naive, impulsive and imperfect...and she doesn't even know she's hot. Yup, a real girl.  I love the artwork by Philippe Buchet in this graphic novel series. I was a little put off in the first book as in the wild, Nävis didn't feel the need to wear a top - when she's "civilized" she wears super-space-spy stuff. There is a sensual touch to her character's artwork, however it stays clean, in my opinion.

I won't tell you how the story develops, but I was really impressed with the depth of the plot and world-building. There's everything I want in sci-fi, including lots of new species and cool gadget-ma-bobbers. My only disappointment so far, as been discovering that we don't own the last 5 books...yet!


  1. That looks awesome! And what a cool idea for a story too. Sounds great. :)

  2. I love the artwork, and I'm always in to a super awesome female character. :)