Saturday, December 8, 2012

Inspiration from Radio

I love listening to French radio in the car. It gives me an amazing sense of accomplishment and drowns out the panicking voices of my passengers.

There's an after lunch emission on Europe 1, called Au Coeur de l'Histoire (At the Heart of History) that features some pretty great stories. Thursday's was about a legendary, comic-book-style hero, a knight known for his Boy Scout goodness (they'd didn't call it that in medieval times, though). I repeated his name, Bertrand du Guesclin, all the way home so I could look up more about him. I can't always follow the story when someone yells from the back seat, "Turn, Mama! Go home! All done shopping!"

On the radio, the host spoke with a descendant of Bertrand du Guesclin's  family (yeah, this is France). Du Gueslin was from Bretagne (Brittany) and fought in the Breton Wars of Sucession and in the Hundred Years War in the 1300s. He fought for king Charles du Bois and Charles V. He drove out the English and brought together the different regions of modern France. Du Guesclin is spoken of as a determined and cunning, with innovative guerrilla tactics. He was known greatest warrior of his time. (He will officially be my response to bad French military joke.s). He has been an inspiration to the French throughout generations. Here's a great video of his history.

Have you been in by a historical hero? Had you already heard of Du Guesclin?


  1. Enjoyed that trailer and learned some French history as well. I hadn't heard of this guy, but I've read a few books placed in 15th and 16th century England and France (Dorothy Dunnett - The Lymond series & Nicolo the series.)

    We listen to French radio a little every day, because they feature better jazz artists than the English station. I can listen to it in the background. e.g., we just heard a guy singing like Dylan (The Times They Are A-changing, no lie)in French. I was impressed.

    Enjoyed this historical moment!

  2. I do love a good history story!