Saturday, December 15, 2012

Inspiration from Prosthetics

For today, we have the subject of prosthetics. How is that inspirational?

I have this genius friend--that actually describes all my friends ;) Anywho, this particular guy is a fabulous musician who is getting his degree in Bioengineering. Yah.

Reality Check
Well, he was telling me his inspiration for choosing prosthetics: watching how his grandfather had handled the loss of his leg. My friend dreams of helping those currently too poor for excellent and pricey prosthetics.  Hundreds may be impacted by his career;  thousands could be changed by his innovations. Certainly many have already been impacted by his life and enthusiasm. And this young man's future was inspired by the older man's choice of attitude in regards to a disability.
His grandfather lost his real leg when a small accident as a three year-old caused a bone disease, which began to slowly "eat" away at his leg bone. I've got bits of stories about Henry, as the grandfather lovingly calls his prosthetic leg.

Once, he was taking his date home and they got stuck on a snowy road going uphill. He tried to push the car and slipped. The car rolled back. The tire passed right over where his amputated leg would have been. Whew!

Another time, he was the night watch at a mortuary, and some kids sneaked in to whatever kids do when they break into a mortuary (I wouldn't know. I be a good girl). He decided to scare them off by coming out of a coffin "with his best foot forward..." That pun is thanks to my genius friend-- his grandad threw his leg out of the coffin! Ha. I'd love to see those kids' terror. 

I'm sure there are stories between him and his wife's sister's husband, who had a prosthetic arm.

I definitely would love to do a magazine-length story on my friend and his grandpa...or why not a book? That's the kind of inspirational read you'd pick up in Barnes and Noble, no? I think it's fabulous to see the positive influences of our families, how they inspires perhaps by just being themselves. Do you have a inspiring family member?


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