Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Inspiration from Taxi

That's right. Not inspiration from "a" taxi or "the" taxi. I mean the French film, "Taxi."

Friday night, my hubby turned on "Taxi," saying that he wasn't sure if I'd like it. After all, it's a French comedy. (One by Luc Besson with Marion Cotillard. So how could I not?)

It starts with a pizza delivery scooter driven by a speed-crazed Marseillais guy, Daniel. He whips around curves, holding out one foot or the other to balance. It turns out that it's his last run; he's trading two wheels for four. Oh, NO! Of course it only takes about 10 minutes for Daniel to be in trouble with the police for going 300 kilometers. A policeman makes a deal; he won't take Daniel's license if Daniel will help with an investigation.

Ok, doesn't sound like the plot of the century. But byy then, we already love Daniel. He's respectful, funny, charming and full of street smarts. He's like the James Bond of mechanics.

The policeman, Emilion, is the side-kick. He's trying to pass his driver's license, his mom makes him a week's worth of food at a time, he's in love with a hot German policewoman and he's constantly messing up. But it's just the right touch of annoying--I really wanted him to score at something, you know. Poor dude.

The film has some great lines, like the police chief who names operations, Cobra and Zen. Daniel who has some zingers too. There's some fun car chases, some fights scenes, a love scene or two (warning: French nudity). But it's a really about the characters. I love a good character-driven story. What are some of your favorites? Have you seen a French film lately?

I found a great clip of this--enjoy!


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