Thursday, November 22, 2012

Inspiration from Shocking!

On a drizzly, grey, doubt-myself day, this video of clips from security cameras came across my path. There really are great people and great moments out there. I'm thankful for the God who made all things good, who came to make them good again after we screwed up. This Thanksgiving Day, choose to how you'll see your world and how you'll change it. See life through rose-colored glasses *start singing la vie en rose*

We are celebrating Thanksgiving next weekend, with French neighbors and coworkers, and my Spanish physical therapist and her hubby. We ordered a big farm-grown turkey and I'm doing all the trimmings. The French aren't used to some of the items, like sweet potatoes, cranberries jello salad and pecan pie. They are really not used to having all the food heaped on their plates at the same time ;) Looking forward to sharing a special, cultural moment. What's your Thanksgiving like? What are you thankful for? (by the way, this is my 300th post. Wahoo!)


  1. Nice of you to share with your friends. Hope you'll tell us how it goes. Have a Happy Thanksgiving on the weekend!

    I love the 'La vie en rose' by Edith Piaf, but who else has her pipes?

    1. I think I'm going to get a Piaf CD for Christmas...she had such a sad story, but such an elegant voice!

  2. Great first video. Stolen/shared it. I've been a fan of Edith Piaf for a while. Five or six songs on my old mp3 player. I'd listen to her today, but I can't write to songs with lyrics. The characters start singing along and no one gets anything done.