Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspiration from Cloak

I'm reading through a bunch of new ebooks. My latest favorite is CLOAK by James Gough. I found it through while researching Karen Gowen, managing editor at WiDo Publishing. I clicked to see what they publish and since CLOAK is in the same genre and age-group as my WIP, I though I'd sample. This was definitely a read-in-one-sitting fun ride. Great imagery, the kind of characters we wish we knew in real life...and a super cool concept, well-executed.

I realize that I haven't actually said what the book's about - watch this trailer ;)

Here's an interview with the author (yes, I'm that lazy today!) Enjoy!


  1. Hi Jenna! So glad you enjoyed Cloak. It's one of my favorites published by WiDo, even though fantasy is usually out of my realm of interest. It is just a very special, appealing book, for all ages and interests. Thanks for posting about it!

  2. Just read the blurb on Amazon. Sounds like a great read!