Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Inspiration from The Blind Side

"So watchya wanna do?"

"I dunno."

"Ok, let's do something!"

"Let's watch The Blind Side."

 *We start watching the film based on the true story of NFL Raven's offensive tackle Michael Oher. Sandra Bullock's performance blows us away. We laugh, we cry.*

"That's Hollywood for you; it'd never happen like that in real life."

"Umm, it's based off the true story."

"Yeah, but you can't tell me that the whole family just welcomed a poor needy kid into their lives like that. Not even the teenage girl had a problem with the situation? Yeah, right."

*must google this and prove that there are people with true Christian love for others*

Wikipedia says, 'The basic facts seems to be solid.'

ABC says, 'If it Michael's incredible journey from poverty to NFL fame weren't true, you'd never believe it.' In that interview...

The mom, Leigh Ann Tuohy, said, "He thinks I birthed him. It's gotten to the point where I think I birthed him!"

The sister said, "We went about our everyday life, he was my brother and that was that. I can't imagine life without Michael."

The brother said, "It was just me and him all the time. We didn't miss a beat. I always introduced him as my big brother." 

Sandra Bullock said she wanted to play her role truthfully, recognizing that Leigh Ann is a very specific, possibly scary, character who did and said what was needed.

It seems not everything was perfectly portrayed; Michael says he never needed to learn to play football like in the film. When asked if he had a problem with the image of a poor black kid being rescued by the rich white family, Michael said as long as somebody was helping out somebody else, he didn't care what color they were. I think this quote from Sandra Bullock says it well; "I think if your money has cultural boundaries, religious boundaries, color boundaries, than you're not really using your money in the right way.

*edit: forgot that I wanted to add...The daughter, Collins, and Michael had begun to be friends at school before he started to live with them. It was the coaches of the high school who noticed that he didn't have a place to stay. They arranged for him to stay with several different families, including the Touhys. He ended up spending more and more time with them, bonding especially with Leigh Ann, until he offically became part of the family.*

Something interesting, is the fairytale within the fairytale; the story of Quinton Aaron who played Michael in the film. He was a security guard from the Bronx, who had dreams of acting. His mom saw the casting call online. After his audition, he gave the director his card and said that if the acting didn't work out, he could really use job as a security guard. When he got the acceptance call a year later, he was in real financial trouble, about to be evicted. Quinton said a lot of the emotions in the film, especially the scene where Micheal finds his mother was evicted, were really just him being him.

So anywho, there are a bunch of yucky, horrible, ugly things in life. But it's good to know that there really are some good things, people full of Christ's love, strong, determined young people, and amazing stories.


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