Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Inspiration from Rats

It was so romantic, pulling off the road to a stretch of lonely beach at sunset.

An Italian had made the pizza - you could tell he was the real deal, because when it was ready he'd yelled, "Prego!"

The glimmer lights of Cannes to the left added a touch of glamor, while the walls of the fortress built by Vauban were lit with history to the right.

The picnic blanket was found, the childrens' sweaters put on them, everything was ready.

"Did you see that big rat?"

*imaginary record playing 'La Vie en Rose' screeches*


"A rat. Over there. Oup, there's another one."

There's only one thing to say in a perfect setting that's running with rats, and it's in French. C'est la vie. So you can choose to throw a fit, pick everything up, move on and eat the now-col pizza in the car. Or you can laugh, shine the flashlight to scare the rodents away and be inspired to write a blog post.  

Fortress built by Vauban
Pizza by Cannes-dle light

That dark spot in the middle is a rat ;)


  1. Was it Remy or Emile?

  2. Haha. I like the positive choice. Just don't feed the rats and you'll be fine :) haha

  3. Uh oh - hope he didn't eat much. ;)

  4. Since mice and spiders (and on a broader sweep, rodents and bugs) are my two, true fears, I'd eat in the car. *SHUDDER* But I will say that snakes don't usually mess up my fun times. ;)