Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inspiration from the Oldest Woman

If you had 116 years to live, how would you live them?

How do you know you won't live that long?

So how are you going to live however long you've got?

This article talks about five tips from the life of the oldest woman on earth, Besse Cooper. She lives in Georgia and is 116 years old. You have to go read the whole story, but here's the main points:

1. Cultivate a Sense of Wonder
2. Take in Stride What Comes Your Way
3. Read Your Bible 
4. Don’t Eat Junk Food
5. Mind Your Own Business

What would you add to this list? I'm actually listening to "Live Like You Were Dying," which is kind of ironic since the Ipod is on shuffle. So I'll just throw a lil Tim McGraw clip up here ;)


  1. No. 1 and 4, I do. Not 2,3, or 5. How can a writer mind his own business? Think of all the ideas lost. I've kept my sense of wonder, but it's tinged with cynicism at times.

    Add: Eat wisely and walk often. (cutting out junk food #4 is the start)

    What an accomplishment to live 116 years!

    1. I had to smile at your question - no, writers shouldn't mind their business, in my book! My husband believes very, very firmly in his private life, and thinks everyone else should too ;)

  2. truly words of wisdom! thanks for sharing that!

  3. Oh, I love all of these, especially #1! A while back I started writing down a few "life rules" (you know, like Gibbs in NCIS). :) One of my favorites says: "Only two resolutions matter - 1) Keep Going, 2) Pray More."