Saturday, September 15, 2012

Inspired Author Saturday: Mo Willems

Welcome to Inspired Author Saturday! The premise is to feature a behind-the-quill story; how an author got their idea. We'll be highlighting our favorite classics, bestsellers, little-known treasures and modern wonders. This feature is open to guest post from authors and folks who have researched a book or interviewed an author. Please contact me if you're interested in posting, and we'll get you scheduled! I'm open to suggestions too, if you have a favorite book you'd like to learn more about. 

I've posted about Mo Willems before. He's the author of "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" and other books that subjugate one poor, sweet, adorable pigeon to all kinds of problems. Ok, it's a sarcastic, annoyed, frustrated Pigeon who can't understand why the Duckling Gets a Cookie?! 

In this NPR story , Mo shares his inspiration. He was in Oxford, trying to work on writing. "And I made all these really terrible books," he says, "and in the margins, I started drawing this pigeon who was complaining about the other books." 

Because, of course, the pigeon was a better main character. And protagonist. And view point character. Hey! he should be the whole cast. Please, can he be the main character?

I bet your mom would let him.

He'll give you five bucks.

No one ever lets him do anything!

Until Mo started writing Pigeon books. And Pigeon was happy. Until that Duckling came...


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