Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspiration from Photography

My husband got a Pinterest account.

My marvelous, complex man is a bit of a techie, who does not like social media, rarely read his email, uses maybe 15 minutes of his phone credit per month...but he adores Pinterest. He loves the DIY hands-on stuff.

The other night, he searched for a photo that he hadn't pinned. Oops. Desperately scrolling through the pages, he was. (yes, that's my Yoda voice)

"Maybe we can just google it?" I offered.

"Ok, it was a Yoda quote, with computer keys, in the mud..."

 A little search and we found Henry Hargreaves' photography, the Zen of Yoda. I love how he found inspiration from broken things to make these fun quotes really come alive (hubby wants the "Do or do not" one.) I found other art where Mr. Hargreaves was inspired by life in his Bacon Alphabet and Food of the Rainbow series.

It's great to see artists you keep their eyes so wide-open to be inspired by some mud and computer parts. Here's your challenge for the week - find some small menial thing could have greatness thrust upon it!


  1. Hmmm...I'm on the hunt for my mundae/profound thing.

  2. I enjoy Pintrest on occasion. Definitely not as addicted as others. Probably good that it's blocked at work, otherwise I might be more addicted.