Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspiration from Nathan Bransford

I'm getting ready to leave for our first family vacation. We're driving 8 hours east and south-ish to a village near Manosque, in Provence. I'll post pics and lavender-scented inspiration when we get back. We're also taking a day at the town of Avignon and a little beachy detour between Cannes and Nice. Wow. I can't wait.

So, instead of writing some fast and crummy posts, I'm sending you looking for inspiration in some places I like to haunt. Today, it's the fabulous Nathan Bransford's blog. Enjoy!


  1. We know Nathan's blog, which may change now that he's living in New York (or soon will be). Great suggestion.

    Enjoy your trip, it sounds wonderful. Please do share your photos if you can, I love seeing travel shots of France!

  2. Great idea! And let me just say I'm so envious of you right now. ;-)

  3. Nathan's always got wonderful advice and encouragement! Have fun on the trip.