Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inspiration from Luvs

I promise I was going to do a serious writing post about inspiration. Or the story behind something. Or a real life story. Or something about something. midwife mom had a breastfeeding video on her profile.

So call this inspiration for parenthood, or inspiration to simplify, inspiration to just live and Luv.

As a nursing mom, I really appreciate this first clip - no, I'm not going in the dirty bathroom to nurse. You go eat in there. Few French women nurse or do it for more than the first 1-3 months, so I do get looks when people realize what I'm doing, but they always turn out to be really supportive.

As for the park clip - yup, strap that kiddo on in a scarf and we be outta here (number one son just learned to pee outside, so we are good!)

We actually did buy a thermometer, 'cause the papa didn't trust my mama-ometer. Of course, then I didn't know normal body temperature in Celcius, so I was like,"Um, ya, he's gonna live."
 What's the worse that could happen? She'll grow up and want a phone? She'll drop mine? (wait, I already did that.) I'm a big fan of changing the kiddo on my knees, on trains, planes, waiting rooms, park benches...hey, it's just a little pee-pee!

Thanks Luvs - you make this cloth diaperer want your product a lil bit!


  1. People without kids are going to think you're weird :)~

    1. You offering to do a "3rd kid" video? I'd pay to see that ;)