Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inspiration from Children

Anytime when I begin to doubt humanity, I look at the kiddos.

Sure, they're rascals. Sure, they're far from innocent. Sure, they're out to get me.

But their capacity to learn and to love, their passion and power...it's incredible.

My almost three-year-old is learning French and English, which actually means he doesn't say much that we understand. Everyday that he adds a new word, or improves his pronunciation is a miracle. Learning one language is already a feat, when you think about it. He's also potty-trained, even for his nap. That means he's controlling his subconscious - wow. He's gotten stickers on his wake-up-happy chart, meaning we've had less morning screaming. I don't wake up happy, but he's learning to control his emotions for the good of all. He takes care of his baby sister (a little roughly sometimes), he helps with chores, feeding the cat, carrying in groceries and so on. He can sort home-dyed pasta, calling the colors "rouge" "blue" and "dragon." He's stinkin' amazing.

  My baby seven-month old is incredible too. She has grown teeth, learned to crawl, and is working on standing up (yikes!). She recognizes us, adores her brother and responds to music with bouncing. She knows what we mean when we say "hold still," "don't touch" and "come." In a few short months of life, she has learned many things, more than doubled her weight...

If such young children can do so much, what can I do? I want to keep this spirit of learning being an adventure, no matter my age. Learning to speak Spanish, to play badminton, tennis and run, reading incessantly and taking more piano lessons are all on my list.

What amazing things have your kids learned recently? What have you learned? What do you want to learn?


  1. My 9-year-old granddaughter is writing a book. I blogged about it today. And I'm impressed your son is learning 3 languages. I'm struggling with Spanish.

  2. I'd love to learn guitar. SO hard though! haha.

    Such a cutie :)

    1. I tried a bit of mandolin for a while - chords kill my little fingers! You're a rock-star without a guitar ;)

  3. So true! Kids are an incredible inspiration, because their perspective is usually a reminder of all that could be...they don't care about the limits of what adults say is or isn't possible.