Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspiration from Castillon

I recently time-traveled.

To the end of the Hundred Years War, at the Battle of Castillon.

Ok, so I went to the reenactment/theater production, just outside the town of Castillon-La-Batille.

The first half of the show set the scene and explained the history, how the Aquitaine region belonged to England since the marriage of the French Queen Eleanor married Henry II, 300 years earlier. There were lovely pastoral scenes with livestock, the chateau in the background. They used the whole hillside for multi-layered, multi-scene action.

The second half was the final battle, which took place here in 1453. The entrenched French soldiers were outnumbered by the English, led by renown General Talbot on his talented white horse. But the French horsemen of Bretagne swooped in and won the battle. In the show, around 50 well-behaved horses participated, with several hundred volunteers, explosions and fireworks. Beautiful! (don't you love my homeschooled side that had to tell you all that. ;)

I love how the history and scenery were the inspiration! Have you been to a theater production like this?


  1. Very interesting. I love history and drama productions. We have a Bard on the Beach in Vancouver,Canada, but only in the summer.

    What a great idea to use the actual castle as part of the setting.

  2. I enjoy reenactments. We have one every year here in northeast Florida about the Battle of Olustee during the American Civil War. Always draws a nice crowd.