Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inspiration from a Parody Pink Tractor

First, the results of the 100w Sprint at the Closing Ceremony of  J.C. Martin's Oracle Olympics - go see! I'm honored to receive the gold medal - thanks to everyone who voted! Congrats to Michelle Wallace
and Susan Koenig, who won silver and bronze.

Second, I'm a bit of a country girl. My daddy likes this song - he taught me to drive a little green tractor when I was eleven-ish. 
Third...there's nothing quite as beautiful as somebody gettin' inspired to do parody. I wish so bad that me and my seven sisters had had a pretty pink tractor! (not grammatically correct? And?) Oh, well, I guess Daddy needed a bit of dignity ;) Are you inspired by country music? Have you ever been inspired to do a parody? Do parodies inspire you? Do you have a pretty pink tractor (or do you want one? tell the truth!).


  1. I had an orange car, but not a pink tractor.

  2. I'm not a fan of country music, that is until recently. My sister had a situation when her car's steering wheel turned itself and prevented her from being broadsided. 'Jesus, Take The Wheel' rang deep in my heart that day.

  3. I like the tractor song, but I appreciate all types of music. I only got to drive a riding lawnmower, a scooter, a go-kart and bro's motorcycle. We had a lot of area for non-licensed driving behind our house. I treasure those moments of childhood.

    Congrats on the win!