Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inspiration from Old Spice

Last time we traveled to the USA, I gave my mom a little shopping list of things I didn't want to bring, use and throw away. Like deodorant for the French guy (no Meg Ryan-French Kiss-hygiene deficient comments ;).

She got him Old Spice.

He fell in love.

I'm serious! At first, he thought it was a little cliché. Then he used it. He went all, "I'm the man your man smells like! It's fresh and clean, but like a man. And it stays all day! I like this stuff."

Now he can't find it in our little French village. Just another American he can't live without.

In looking for the history behind this inspirational item, I found that the first Old Spice product was actually for women in the 1930s! The logo was a variety of clipper ships until the 1990s, when they started using a yacht. Did you realize that the famous whistle jingle has changed from a minor key to a major, and no longer has music behind it?

Do you have a favorite smell? Do you like Old Spice? Do you find inspiration in the bathroom? (ok, that sounds a little weird!)
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