Saturday, August 18, 2012

Inspiration from An Odd Idea

I was walking down the street the other day to my kiné appointment (massage/physical therapist - my new best friend!). I was jogging along, perspiring like a lady. This summer hasn't been very warm, barely breaking 90° F. Now it is canicule, heatwave.

I rounded the corner and noticed 2 liter bottles, half full of water, sitting at regular intervals along the curb in front of one house. I have no idea why.

I decided to use them as inspiration, imagination exercise ('cause I stopped jogging about then s wasn't getting any other exercise ;).

Here's what I came up with (add your own in the comments!):

-Clear sun tea
-Solar-heated water for a wading pool.
-An offering to an obscure woodland deity
-Feeders for heat-loving fairies
-Gifts of hydration to passing joggers
-An absent-minded person forgot to bring them in the house, and half the water had already evaporated


  1. Cheap obstacle course for kids on bikes?

  2. Awesome ideas!
    How about for target practice?
    Or bombs! They were water bombs! RUN!

    1. I wished I'da tripped them, then, 'cause they didn't explode and shower me!

  3. Distraction for pickpocket children to get you.
    Amateur sundials.
    Public art exhibit.
    Rudimentary distance gauge.

    1. Hmm...Montpon has very few beggars compared to where I was in Bordeaux, otherwise I guess that too! The public art display is pretty funny - it'd be better than some ;)

  4. Emergency standbys for cut-stricken fire department?

    1. Yes! That's it - "Every house shall hereby be required to furnish 6-8 two liter bottles, which may or may not be, be filled with the liquid known as H2O or water, in the event that fire rains down upon the household."