Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inspiration from Amazing People

Whew-y, this has been an energizing and inspirational couple of days! I'm so excited and blessed to be a writer and to be an a community of writers. *Lina Lamont voice* Bless you all!

First off, the WriteOnCon has been sensational. I've seen folks who I recognized, like Kimberely Griffiths Little, Pheobe North, David Powers King, Misha Gericke, and Leigh Covington. But I've met lots of new people, with lots of professional advice. I'm gonna see if I can cheat and use the links from my twitter - hold on...

If these don't work, go to and follow the links on the FULL SCHEDULE to see these great posts!

rocked my world-building
If you missed it today, here's a discussion of voice and how to get it for
I loved the vlog with the and can't wait to read her book The Seven Tales of Trinket!
Enjoyed seeing familiar faces and enjoyed the post on pet peeves!
Enjoyed the post on and finding your blog as well. You're from Benton? I'm from Newton KS and now Europe too!
Building Characters Into Real People by author Frank Cole
I'm at the , surfing around, getting some splashes! Enjoyed on social media.
(5sorry for title-typo, peeps. Ir's been fixed!) 

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  1. Hey Jenna,

    Wow, sounds like you had a virtual blast at the conference.

    I must check it out next year - if I can keep the kids occupied ;)