Thursday, August 23, 2012

Inspiration from the 100w Finals

This week, I'm in the finals for J.C. Martin's 100word Sprint in the Oracle Olympics. My entry, along with three others, will be up for the public vote on her blog until Wednesday 29th August (so be sure to read these four quick little posts and vote for your favorite). The winner will be announced during the Closing Ceremony on August 30th.

The sprint begins with a prompt (in bold), which doesn't count towards my 100 words. It's what I came up with when I though of my own most victorious finish line. Enjoy!

The finish line beckoned. My body was ripping with pain. I focused on the things I'd gone through; that I'd survived; all the things I'd finished.

The move to a foreign country, new people and strange ways that became my home. The hours of class, the pages of homework, the final exam that earned my diploma. The spark of an idea, the first draft, the endless revisions and the sight of my manuscript transformed into a book.

I'd done all those things. I was strong.

One more contraction, one more push. It wouldn't go on forever. My finish line would be my baby's cry.