Saturday, July 7, 2012

Inspiration to Laugh

It was a ponytail-and-glasses morning. I hadn't showered and had just slipped into a tank top and summer skirt as I packed the bags for our weekend away.

"Hullo! Il y a quelqu'un? Marchant de pommes!"

I glanced out the upstairs winodw, then ran down. People generally peek around the sliding side door once they realize it's open, so I exited there. The gentleman waiting at the front door jumped, startled.

He recovered and introduced himself. Iclassed him as a typically handsome Frenchman with salt-and-pepper hair and a bit of arrogance and charm,

"I am the apple merchant for a local orchard. Are your parents here?"

Um, uh huh. No. Should I say, "My parents are 8,000 kilometers away?"  or maybe "No, but you can just talk to me?"

I decided on, "I am actually the lady of the house." Dignified, but said with a laugh to minimize embarrassement.

The man was mortified, clapping his hand over his heart, he begged forgiveness.

"Don't worry, c'est rien, it's nothing. My glasses make me look...young." Since when did glasses ever do that, Jenna? I don't know. Had to say something.

The poor man pulled himself together again and explained the size and prices of his wares....until my son wandered out looking for me. The man glanced at him, then me, realizing his mistake was even bigger than he had thought. I carried on the conversation before the baby could start crying.

Afterwards, I wondered exactly how old he thought I was, to ask for my parents. I figure I've probably got a good ten years of leeway before the red wine, sleep deprivation, laugh lines and pastry age me to my real age.. Until then, I'd better keep my ID with me!

As anyone made a funny assumption about you? What mistake has inspired you to laugh lately? Have you laughed at yourself today?

On another note, I'm thinking about starting a regular post subject for Saturdays spotlighting where published authors have gotten their  inspiration. I hope to have some guests (let me know if you're interested!) and dig up some research on the classics. I'd love some input on what I could call this feature. Leave me your idea, or the number for the one you like in the comments. I'm a little dry on ideas ;) Thanks!

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2)  The Start of the Story
3) Story Starters Saturday
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  1. This is why I usually don't shave. When I do, I have that baby face. Well...I did have a bab face. Kids do something to your youth. So...eight years between them now, let's call it 6 years of kid makes you age. Hopefully that will go away when I can get some sleep.

    I'm not sure which to vote for, Jenna! Umm...hmm...any of those, really.

  2. Funny!
    When I read this I clapped a hand over my mouth and laughed, very, very hard.
    It's one of those embarrassing/funny moments that I only experience in my stories.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Luvs -Gracie

    1. Actually, when I was babysitting a baby named Abe, a man came to the door bell and looked at me.
      "Your a tad your mom here?"
      So I guess that I have experienced a few things like that...(Gracie)

  3. Hmm people usually assume I'm still in high school/ a teenager (even though I'm in my 20's) and I'm TERRIBLE at having to ID people at my job for alcohol sales. Today I ID'ed a woman who was 37. In my defense, she was very youthful looking.

    1. You probably made her feel really good!

  4. HAHA! I had that happen recently. Was sitting in the truck while Brandon and his dad were inside an auto parts store. There were some people hosting a carwash right behind me and one gal came up to the window, so I rolled it down to talk to her. She started explaining how they were raising support for meals for the elderly and, handing me the flyer, said, "You can show this to your mom or parents when they get back!" She was so nice I didn't want to embarrass her so I smiled and told her thank you. Definitely had a good laugh. I'm just curious now to see how long I'll be mistaken for a teenager. :)

  5. Oh and Brandon and I were out with Justin and Laura and were told by the waitress that she guessed we didn't need the drink menu. Justin informed her that we were ALL over 21. We had a good laugh, knowing the guys were actually 28.