Saturday, July 21, 2012

Inspiration from Unexpected People Doing Unusual Things

Yes, I'm lazy today. A cup of tea and a couple youtube videos while the boys run to the post office. The title comes from the following two videos by the U.S. Marines and Air France. These two groups were inspired by music to do things you wouldn't usual see them doing - that unexpectedness made me laugh!

Do you have characters doing unexpected things? Are they inspired by music to suddenly start dancing or singing? Well, WHY NOT? (Oooo, movie quote coming up. "I don't want any of that. I'd rather, I'd rather just...sing!" Can you name it?)

Have to add, I miss them Marines, while I have seen Air France a bit too much ;)


  1. What fun, Jenna. Liked those two videos. Hubs liked them too. Made us laugh. That's always good.

    We flew into CDG when we visited Paris, but didn't get that kind of a reception.

    1. One time, my parents saw a bomb threat (I think at CDG) and last time I was in Atlanta, I saw an older woman who had collapsed (lots of people were helping/calling security and I was late to my gate, so I don't know the end of that story). But we've never seen a flash mob in an airport...

  2. I always have a character who is unexpected, in dialogue or mannerisms, or both, so long as it serves the story. :)