Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inspiration from Physical Difficulties

This week, my dad is hiking in Philmont Scout Ranch, five short weeks after an accident in which he was seriously burned (read more here). Here are a few older posts inspired by physical difficulties.

Inspiration from Everest
You hear about people in hard situations finding hope and inspiration in goal or impossible dream. In a more sarcastic cynical mood you may think, ya, that's great. It's not like the dude climbed Everest or anything.

Well, this guy did. He found his inspiration from a childhood poster. Here's Bear Grylls' story... (read more)

Inspiration from Donald Braswell (guest post by Mark Koopmans)
Imagine if, in the prime of their career, Celine Dion lost the ability to sing, Thomas Kinkade the ability to paint or Robert De Niro the ability to act.

Sure, the Earth would still turn, but there would be less joy or wonder in the world if any of the above lost their unique talents too soon.
In 1995, Donald Braswell was a young, professional tenor and a seasoned veteran of the opera world. Groomed to be the next Luciano Pavarotti or Franco Corelli, his star was shooting toward international fame and fortune. (read more)


  1. Hey Jenna,
    Greetings from the U.S. What a cool blog. I just meandered across it in a random way...

    Thanks for this great post - the news about your father hiking, and the story of the singer injured in a bike accident. (I ride my bike to work every day here in N.J. - Yikes!).

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Very cool post! Every once in awhile, people can do absolutely amazing things! :)