Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inspiration from Philmont

If you're not a Boy Scout (or don't have one in the family), you might not know the Holy Grail of scouting: Philmont Scout Ranch, BSA's premier High Adventure base in New Mexico. Purty cool. What's even cooler, is that my dad and brother hit the trail at Philmont today. But what is truly amazing, is just 5 weeks ago, my dad was severely burned in a brush fire (read about it in his words here).

He'd trained for the last 6 months to be in good shape to go with my 17 year-old Eagle Scout brother. After the accident, Dad was in the hospital burn unit for several days, his arm and legs in bandages. He returned home and spent the next month focused on recovery. Dad was unable to walk and was in a lot of pain. With lots of loving care and some time, he's gradually been better, with good and bad days. 

While the doctors cleared him to go on this 12 day hike, it will definitely be a challenge as he hikes miles per day, at high altitude, up steep climbs. Camp food and hygiene will be issues as well. It was a tough decision to go. So it's pretty exciting that he has decided to continue on, despite the setback of his accident.

I'll be telling you the rest of the story as it happens! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for my dad.

Have you overcome a physical difficulty to do something special? Do you know someone who has? Have you been to Philmont? Are you a scout?


  1. Your dad has tenacity - a good trait. Hope he is healing well and that the two of them will enjoy their adventure. Will check on their progess as you post.

    I'm sure your dad doesn't want to lose one of those family moments which will live for decades in the younger person's (your brother's) memory. We push ourselves when it's important to us.

  2. You had me at the picture of the patch showing up in my Reader. Been there. http://vivelenerd.blogspot.com/2011/10/into-mountains.html Good luck to them! It's absolutely amazing, and one of my greatest memories, even 18 years out next month.

  3. 12 days hiking is tough enough, let alone with injuries. Your dad is an inspiration. A great role model, especially for your younger brother.