Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inspiration from Pandora

I have an eleven-year-old book fairy who gives me suggestions and sends me some of her own books to read. She has magical taste and a fabulous appetite.

After hearing about the Pandora series sixty-eleven times through the magic of Skype, she finally put the first book in my hands (because she just knew I was dying to read it).

My book fairy was not wrong. The charming "Pandora Gets Jealous" by Carolyn Hennesy captured my attention. I love all things Ancient Greek, so this mix of middle school and myth was perfect. Based off the story of Pandora opening the box of all the evils of the world (plus Hope), this series is hilarious and touching, with the friendships and learning experience I love in middle grade reads.

I also love the idea of being inspired by mythology. It makes me think of the first season of Stargate SG-1, which depicts different cultures such as the Minoan ands the Mongols.The theme of the Goa'uld being mythical gods throughout history continued throughout the seasons with characters such as Camulus and Lord Yu.

Have you been inspired by a tale, legend or myth?  Do you have a favorite fairy tale?

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  1. Sounds like i need to read this book...sounds really neat!