Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inspiration from French Music

Tuesday's post inspired talk of a couple songs with the same theme. (thanks, D.G.Hudson!)  

So today, here's a couple of French songs that talk a bit about inspiration for living life. The first is, Je ne regrette rien (I regret nothing), by Edith Piaf. It seems so horribly ironic to her troubled life that ended at the age of 47 from liver cancer due to drug problems. I wonder if she did feel regret. They say her last words, after drifting in and out of consciousness for several months, were something like, "You pay for every damn fool thing you do in this life." I guess this reminds me to not waste talent, it's a gift to me, and through it all, to end without any regrets.

This song is called "Mon Amant de St. Jean" by Patrick Bruel. He has such a lovely voice. The video pretty much explains the lyrics. He says, be careful with your heart, with your love...

 This one is a bit happier, called Sucrer les Fraises (Sugar the Strawberries), by La Grande Sophie. It's pretty much about seizing the day  Here are the words of the chorus (roughly translated ;)

"I'll sweeten the strawberries, Up on the cliff, one day, My kilos of impatience will find the innocence
around, On beyond, One day I will go, I'll pitch my tent, In Eden or Dante, one day."


  1. How nice to inspire a post. Thanks for the mention. Edith Piaf has long been a favorite singer of ours. Love her voice! I like the idea of no regrets, but I'm sure we all have some. The trick is to keep the number low.

    Also really liked Patrick Bruel who I hadn't heard of before. Thanks for showing us a sample of his singing. Very nice voice. Sophie's voice is very nice too, but Patrick is what I'd pick to listen to.

    Have a great day, Jenna!

    There's something about French songs that make me want to be in Paris or somewhere in France.

  2. I have a music box that plays Mon Amant de St. Jean that I bought in Lyon. I agree - there's something about French music that's just gorgeous and inspiring. Personally, I love to listen to music when I can't understand the words. :) It gives my imagination a boost. :D