Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Inspiration from Don Ruebke

Here's an inspirational post I found on facebook the other day. Don is a father of ten, grandfather of four, mid-level manager at an aircraft manufacturing company. Here he shares about an accident in which he was recently involved. This seemed appropriate to share for a great American holiday, since Don represents to me the American dream of fortitude, hard work, respect, values and the faith handed down from our Founding Fathers. 
(and did I mention he's my daddy?)

 What will be the consequences of the decisions you make today?

4 weeks ago today I decided to burn a brush pile. I decided not to wear long pants. I decided to us gasoline because of recent rains. I decided not to use a match. I decided to use a hand held torch. I decided not to build a starter trench. I decided no wind was the perfect condition to burn. I decided not to wear long sleeves. I deci
ded to wash my hands, legs, and check my boots after applying the gasoline.

My decisions resulted in 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 20% of my body (mainly legs, right arm, and right side of face/ear. I am overwhelmed by the love and compassion that people have shown me over these last 4 weeks...everything from phone calls, cards, visits, workday clean-up, painting, concrete pouring, window replacing, bandage replacing, feeding, and plain puttin' up with me. Special thanks to Michelle Ruebke for keeping me motivated and moving forward! Hebrews 6:10.

One of my biggest and best "decisions" was to trust Jesus Christ as my Saviour. I have been able to lift my eyes to the hills from whence comes my strength. God has truly shown himself strong in my behalf and has been teaching me about unconditional love, how to be humble, and how to wait on Him. My thanks to Him and each of you. Now is the time to decide to have a personal relationship with Christ...you will never regret it!!

Have a great day and a safe 4th of July week!


  1. I will lift a prayer up for you, my bloging friend.

    By the way, I was just reading about a poor lady who was on oxygen who wanted to light an incense. She may not make it.

    You take care and stay encouraged. We know who is in charge!

  2. That's my daddy!
    He's doing better, he's walking now!
    Thank you for the post, Jenna.


  3. Oh wow, what a story! Your father totally brought me to tears, I love it when people can work through hard things with such a positive attitude. Thank yuo for sharing this :)

    1. Thanks for commenting - it's an encouragement!

  4. Quite a few years ago my dad made similar decisions. Friends and family and the Lord brought him through. I will keep your dad in my prayers.

    Happy Fourth!!

    1. I appreciate it - thanks for commenting!

  5. Amazing and inspiring. Glad you shared.
    Happy 4th of July! :)