Thursday, June 21, 2012

Inspiration from R. Mac Wheeler

In browsing blogs, I read a post that I like very much on R. Mac Wheeler's blog. He has said I could do a little repost here: 

Field of daisiesWriter—Writing What We Are "I think our writing is the aggregate of our soul. Everything we experience, through all of the senses, impacts our next, written word. We write who and what we are…and everything, from an interesting accent, to a lonely daisy growing in a fallow field, changes us."

And that, my friends, is meandering through a field of words! Happy Summer and happy Fête de Musique (Festival of Music) if you're in France!


  1. Sounds better every time I read it.


    Glad you enjoyed it.

    - Mac

  2. Wonderful thought! Thanks for sharing!