Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inspiration from la Fête de la Musique

The 21st of June is the festival of music in France. I've been here four years and missed it every time.

This year, I said, "We're doing this."

We drove to nearby Bergerac, home of Cyrano (ya know, with the long nose). The centre-ville is pedestrian and oh, so charming. We heard an accordian group playing French songs, a pianist playing Pachebel's Canon, an African group that hadn't started yet, some pop band that looked like it was for the younger and drunker crowd. I enjoyed a gelato, Italian ice cream, which is a main reason to live in Europe. We ate a light picnic dinner and then headed home when as the little ones' bedtime was reached, which was just as the music was really starting. But hey! you do what you can. All in all, a lovely, summertime, family activity. Here's pics and a video which will provide more inspiration than any of my words!

Have you visited somewhere inspiring lately? Any family activities? Are you a Cyrano fan? Looking at my nose, all you can think to say is, "it's big"???



  1. I really need to get back to France. I might not leave, though.

    1. If you make it in the next year, swing by our place! I think France is like living in a big city - it's great if you have enough money and a free enough schedule to really appreciate all the cool stuff!

  2. How lucky you are - thanks for sharing the photos. I mentioned Cyrano in the A-Z Blog Challenge under French Films.

    Sounds like you had a great time and now you can say you've been there, done that!

    I want to go back to France, too, like Joshua.

    1. Just give me a shout and come on over!

  3. Bonjourito Jenna,

    (That's a traditional French-Mexican greeting... serious :)

    So glad to hear that my family is not the only ones who have to leave the fun and festivals when the music is *just* starting :)

    Ah well, like you said, we do what we can... and remember the days when we "closed" the festivals :)

  4. The music fest sounds fun. The gelato sounds refreshing. Nothing overly amazing of late, but I've got a cross-country drive coming up in July.

    Tossing It Out

  5. That would be so much fun, I love to go there sometime.
    I loved that gelato that Jay brought us, but it was probably better at the music fest.
    I loved the french music in the video, (was that Luca?)
    Thanks for posting!


    1. Ps. Sorry, I would love to go there sometime!)

  6. Ugh! Missing it for four years? These pictures are awesome. And I've heard about the gelato... My hubby lived in Italy for 2 years and *still* talk about it :P Thanks for sharing! (And I"m so stoked you're doing the What If blogfest! Yay for Team Love Story!