Saturday, June 30, 2012

Inspiration from Harvest

Here's some "harvest" inspiration from Lille McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction. I'm attempting some freestyle poetry...or somethin'. I'm calling it the Harvest of Parenthood.

Up at six: no, you're not watching a movie; yes, I'll get you some céréale.

Out at nine: do hold my hand when we cross the street; don't throw library books; do share with Cléa; don't scream.

Back at twelve: go pee-pee; go to the table; go dodo.

Up at three: let's do a game; let's go to the park; let's play in the sandbox; let's wait for papa.

Out at nine: thank you, God, amen; bisous, Mama, I love you.


  1. Sweet! I like how you included some French words. I'm assuming your children speak it to you?

    1. Luca speaks about half and half. His newest words are, feuille (fuh-YAH, meaning leaf), fleur and pleure (meaning cry, which is what baby sister does ;) He did say, here you go, yesterday too!

  2. That's really good, Jenna.
    I love poetry idea, sort of Sharon Creech style!

    - Gracie

  3. Really nice. I can imagine your day, and it comes across as very sweet.

  4. I liked the style you used very original.

  5. I love your prose-styled poetry... it has a lyrical feel... and it sounds like you have a busy, but extremely satisfying schedule!

  6. Love it...the careful harvesting of adults via our precious little ones!

    My take is here: (I included this since my Google profile may not give you my link) :)