Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inspiration from Hannibal

Let's go on a road trip when we go back the USA this time.

Okay, where to?

Um, somewhere close to Kansas. East, 'cause we've been west.

East? That's Missouri. What's in MO besides Branson/Silver Dollar City?

Well, in Hannibal, there's cool Mark Twain stuff. Mississippi riverboat ride. Dinner theater with Mark Twain impersonator. A cave with a lantern tour. Molly Brown museum. Tom Sawyer house. Hannibal History museum with Civil war stuff, I think.

Sounds good - let's go!

Unfortunately, our season starts on Memorial Day. You folks are about 6 weeks early.
Newspaper office where Sam was a typesetter

No riverboat. No dinner theater. No lantern tour. No Molly Brown. We need breakfast.

Nothing's open! Ah, there. The Mark Twain diner...cup o' joe, bacon and pancakes like these frenchies couldn't imagine!
Let's see, we'll do a walking tour with the Mark Twain actor!

That was great fun - we heard crazy stories of Sam Clemens as a wild young boy, saw where he apprenticed as a typewriter and learned about his experiences as a riverboat pilot.

Wanna do the Mark Twain cave?

What a funny tour guide, telling the Tom Sawyer story, mixing history and fiction! How fun to see the room where the cross marks the hidden treasure in Tom Sawyer. I can't believe Sam Clemens and his childhood friends played in there. I got chills hearing about the doc doing experiments on his dead daughter there. It was pretty cool to see Jesse James' hideout and all those autographs of folks.    

Let's see the history museum. Annnnnnd, we're already done. Under renovations, but it was neat to read up a bit on the town. Now what?

Um, ya wanna go to a movie?


Hey, there's a little hometown café for breakfast - wanna hang out and play Trivial Pursuit?

Yeah, then we can tour the Mark Twain Childhood museum.

Ya know, putting "Mark Twain" in front of everything, doesn't make it cool.

No, but this is "America's Hometown." By the way, did you pick up on how Samuel Clemens got his famous pen name?

(Tell me in the comments if YOU know, if you've been to Hannibal, if that durn riverboat is as fun as it looked, or anything else related to Mr. Mark Twain!)


  1. This was a fun post! I've always wanted to ride a riverboat. Playing Trivial Pursuit while eating breakfast sounds perfect. I didn't know how Mark Twain got his pen name, but I googled it, so I know now! :)

  2. That sounds like a blast even if not everything was open :D

  3. I'll be honest, when I saw "Hannibal" my first thought was Hannibal Lecter. My second was Hannibal Hamlin. Missouri was third.

  4. I've never been to Missouri. Maybe someday I'll pass through.