Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inspiration from Dolphin


"What do you want, Luca?"

"L'eau!" He presses his palms and does a swimming-fish motion.

"You want to watch the dolphin movie? Poisson dans l'eau? (fish in the water)"

"Yesh! Yesh!" Happy dance, fist-pumps, laughs.

"Well, you can't. You already watched it today. You need to go play."

"No play. L'eau." He crawls in my office chair, plugs in ear buds to my Notebook and slides his finger around the mousepad trying to find the VLC icon on the desktop.

Don't worry. Mommy won and he went to play. But this kiddo loves A Dolphin Tale, almost as much as he loves "will-wee," i.e. Free Willy. He's been known to watch the dolphin back to back several times in a row (on special days when Mommy's jet-lagged or finds another semi-valid excuse. ;)

It is a pretty neat story, inspired by a real dolphin, named Winter, who damaged her tail in a crab trap. The tail eventually had to be removed. It's pretty rare that a dolphin survives all of that. However, with the help of a prosthetics doctor, trainers and marine veterinarians, she got a new tail! Many innovations, like the "Winter's Gel" which goes on before the tail, add to be made and have gone on to help human prosthetic wearers. And her team isn't done yet - they're planning future modifications.

Winter has been a great inspiration to children and adults with handicaps and disabilities. She has her own site with a webcam where you can watch her. You can also go and visit in Clearwater Beach, Florida!

Do you know a great story of an animal helping someone with a disability? Do you love dolphins? Do you have a child you is in love with an animal movie?


  1. I know a lot of stories about animals and kids with disabilities. It comes with the real life job.

  2. I want to see this movie! And I do love dolphins :)